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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: this picture is going viral right now. the powerful image of two adults passed out in a car from an overdose. we talk about it s there's one school district that wants to make sure its students don't fall victims to drugs. >> romona: it's come up with a creative way to do that. and catherine bosley is live getting answers. catherine. >> catherine: we're talking about the elyria school district here coming up with a very unique and what they hope is a very effective way of getting the dangers of heroin. they produced a very special video that they admit even shocks them. the video is called heroin, your first time could be your last.
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it took about six months to produce. it includes interviews from law enforcement, from hospital workers who see the worst of it and even a mother who lost her son to overdose. kids from 4th to 12th grades will view it. there are huge helps regarding the difference it can make. >> a school genesis audio limited testimony is a -- school system is a small micro cosm of the community. heroin issue by rushing people. i think you've heard many times we're not rushing our way out of this one. education is our best way to do it. >> catherine: education always. and because this video is considered so impactful, every group of students who view it have specialists on hand. that's really important to consider all of the staff who have viewed it. they have plenty of questions
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catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you. we want to go back to a disturbing picture here. the ohio police department says it's trying to illustrate the power of heroin by sharing photos of a 4-year-old sitting in a vehicle behind slumped over adults who were later revived with an overdose anecdote. east liver pool police say they're sorry if people are offended but they want the public to see what happens and to be a voice for the child who witnessed the scene. we're seeing a lot of comments dan deroos is in the answer center with those. >> dan: ramona, as you can imagine, and i'm sure you at home are having a reaction to this. hundreds and thousands of people are flocking to the facebook page to weigh in on the debate. there's two or three topics prevailing there. but one of them is about the picture itself. showing up. the police department taking it. news media putting it on television. let's take a look. first jodi says this is sad all the way around. but i do not understand the pic. that is too personal.
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but still those are real people. lisa has a response to that. she says the pictures are for the emotionally blind who need to see it to understand the severity. if it's too much to handle, i recommend unfollowing the post or the pages that show things that distress you. or get off the net and return to your safety bubble. let's go to a couple more. samantha says, you know, most of the -- you know, the most disturbing thing about this photo is someone thought it was more appropriate to stop, take a photo and ville turning people purple and dying in front of them than jumping into action or at least comfort the child. and one last kathy is going to respond on this. kathy says maybe a graphic picture will open the eyes of just one person. if so, then it's worth putting it out there. very interesting. coming up at 5:00, there's also a part of this debate. people going back on forth whether we should be using as
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crush. the people using drugs they're one shot away from surviving. we'll get that that at 5:00. ramona. >> romona: cleveland 19 news is helping you spot the signs of heroin and opioid abuse. you can go to and click on the health tab to help a loved one struggling with addiction. coming up in our next half-hour right here, we're getting answers on heroin addiction from the director of the women's recovery center in cleveland. mark. okay. over in the center here, jeff tanchak. today it wasn't a thousand degrees outside. that's the only thing we can say at this point. >> jeff: the humidity dropped a little bit. just a little bit. it's still technically speaking pretty muggy out there. it's going to be that way tonight. but we're waiting for the next front tomorrow. and that's what is going to give us the severe weather threat. here is a look at doppler max. we do have a couple of showers here. northern tuscarawas county. this is the heaviest shower north of carrollton there tracking off to the north.
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coming up. a couple waves of storms. the first wave will actually move in early tomorrow morning. but the second wave, that could be the severe weather threat there for thunderstorms. 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the timing on those, wind damage, hail and there is a possibility that we may get some rotation in a few of those storms that could spin up a brief tornado. so stay tuned. that will be tomorrow. 82 akron-ca. friday night football games look dry. details on the weekend forecast, big changes coming. that's straight ahead. mark and ramona. all right. as you know, the hot start to the school year has made it more than just uncomfortable for some students. >> mark: one local mom says the temperature in the classrooms are so high it's making her kids sick. jen picciano getting answers for parents tonight. >> jen: that's right. since school started for warrensville height, the average
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mid 90s and without air conditioning, conditions are sweltering inside. sending her kids to warrenville heights middle school every day has been tough for stephanie wright. >> nothing but heat exhaustion. i hear horror stories every day. mom, it's hot. mom, i can't concentrate. mom, i have a headache. >> jen: temperatures in the classrooms where her kids spend the day is so bad she with a thermometer. it registered 90 degrees inside. it's not just a matter of comfort. it's making them sick. >> back and forth due to the doctor due to asthma attacks. nose bleeds. my youngest son came home. he was puking, lightheaded. >> jen: superintendent acknowledges this is a significant issue. >> we take a lot of steps to ensure our kids are comfortable. we've purchased fans for each room. each room has -- we have adequate water.
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we actually bought water bottles for students. >> jen: they're also moving kids to empty spaces where it isn't as stifling. >> we have a science wing that's extremely lot. in the morning time it's bearable. in the afternoon, we have to move the students around. >> it's kind of frustrating on my behalf trying to take care of sick kids and then also with my kids being honor students them not being able to focus like they need to. >> jen: they say they're doing all they can right now for students, staff and parents. >> we are a with an excuse note and we'll excuse their absence. >> jen: jeff says we have a cooldown coming. hopefully after this week, the worst is behind them at least for this portion of the year. it doesn't get that hot come may and then they're out in june. >> romona: well, we see that they're providing water for the kids, which is great. >> jen: sure. >> romona: do they have any long-term plans? >> jen: right now they are exploring and investigating if they have the budget for portable air conditioners.
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board about that. that would be long-term once they can get that budgeted. and then big picture, of course, they like to build new buildings that bring them into the 21st century. this building was built in 1952 that we're talking about. >> mark: oh, boy. >> romona: jen, thanks you. a standoff ends peacefully, but it certainly didn't begin that way. shanice dunning was there from the very start and joins us live now with the story. hey, shanice. >> shanice: hey, mark. yes, i'm on broadview road in parma. and behind me, you c the standoff started. a man crashed his car into this pole. but what police still don't know is why he fled the scene and barged into somebody's house. >> there was a car that just went off the road and crashed really bad. >> reporter: parma police say it all started around 9:30 this morning when a 911 caller watched this car crash into a pole. the impact so hard, it sent a man flying out of it. >> i saw the driver get out of
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of the car. but i saw another guy laying on the ground. >> reporter: police say that other man barged into this home owned by the russian orthodox cathedral right next door. the man said he was armed. she ran out and called for help. they called the scene that followed surreal. >> there were snipers all over the place. they were in full camouflage. >> reporter: as police patrolled the area with dogs and guns, schools and day cares within a one mile radius we >> the school is locked down because of police, parma police. >> reporter: this man's daughter attends a school just a few minutes away. >> my wife was worried and i went to check what was going on around the school first. >> reporter: after three hours of the suspect barricading himself inside, finally a break through. >> the male in question surrendered to swat officers taken into custody. >> reporter: police took the suspect to metro hospital. the man who was ejected from the
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current condition. >> the other male at metro, i don't believe he's conscious. >> reporter: and you can see crews working to repair that pole that the man hit. police still have some investigating to do with this incident. but they did confirm that they did find a gun inside of the house. they still, though, have questions to answer, like what was the motive for him fleeing the scene? getting answers in parma, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 >> romona: all right, shanice. thank you for that. a bit of troubling news. cavaliers guard shumpert is facing a dui charge. sports director tony zarrella joins us now. tony, this is not what we need. >> tony: no, not at all. it's been a great summer. the story broke out this morning when the cavs put out a statement. but it actually goes back a month to august 10th down in atlanta. shumpert arrested for driving
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marijuana. this is the mugshot not far from his home. his eyes were bloodshot and he reeked of marijuana and he admitted to smoking some to pick up his father at the airport. police did find less of an ounce of pot in his car. shumpert is entering the second year of his four year, $40 million deal with the cavaliers. as i said, the cavs were out in front of the story this morning. but other than their statement, which says they've talked with him and they're going to monitor the situation, the cavs have further comment and shumpert has not commented either. no court date has been set. i know one date, though. shump and the cavs open camp on the 27th. guys. >> romona: all right. let me ask you really quickly, tony, do you know of any drug use in shumpert's past? >> tony: no, i don't. i don't. and shump like just about every player that has come to the cavaliers has been a model citizen.
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especially on instagram with posts and i assume he would post something about it. he has not addressed that. main that has to do with the lack of a court date and where the atlanta police are going to go with this. >> romona: all right. we'll talk more in timeout. thanks, tony. >> tony: you got it. who can keep america safer? north korea's nuclear task is taking attack. >> reporter: hillary clinton met with a group of security experts in new york on friday. more than 50 republican national security experts say donald trump will make america less safe, including former homeland security secretary and a former foreign policy advisor to john mccain. clinton is too eager to go to war. >> trigger happy. totally trigger happy. she's raced to intervene and
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>> reporter: north korea announced it has conducted another nuclear weapon test. whoever wins in november, will have to deal with the communist country. the clinton campaign says she plans to use sanctions to further isolate north korea and she'll seek help from china. >> they don't wanton stability on their border. and i think this is a wakeup call for them and we have to demand they use their influence. >> reporter: trump's campaign says the program grew stronger while clinwa said how he would stop the nuclear programs. >> he would make sure they would never use it. >> how? >> he's not going to reveal all of his plans. he's made that very clear. maybe somebody can ask him in the debate. >> reporter: the first presidential debate is scheduled for monday, september 26th. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> mark: and this week, donald trump said 88 retired generals and admirals are endorsing him. on friday the clinton camp announced her list has grown to 110 names.
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. people all around the u.s. are outrage over a mattress store ad that uses the 9/11 terror attacks to promote a twin towers sale. >> mark: critics are calling it tasteless and offensive.
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store wide sale all day long. >> oh. [ yelling ]. >> oh, oh, oh, my god. we'll never forget. >> romona: oh, my goodness. >> mark: the miracle mattress store is getting death threats for the ad and there's a huge backlash on social media. the store's manager said she didn't realize it would cause such controversy. >> it was stupid. it was a stupid idea that we sent out. and we apo stupidity and we really hope you forgive us for what we've done. >> mark: miracle mattress says it will donate 30% of its sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. it's not the only company getting backlash this weekend. a florida wal-mart is being criticized for, there you see it, a coca-cola display representing the twin towers. >> romona: at least they apologized for the stupidity. >> mark: quickly. normally it is a bunch of
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9/11. a man taking time to remember the lives lost 15 years ago by placing nearly 3,000 american flags in his front yard. >> romona: shelby miller joins us now with the symbol of respect. >> reporter: ramona and mark, 2,977, that's the number of lives lost in the terror attacks nearly 15 years ago. and that's the number of american flags bill sab in placed in his front yard today. for five years now he turned his yard into a sea of red, white and blue. the of different sizes. firefighter helmets that represent the 50 states. sabin is a navy veteran. he does this because he wants to thank the men and women who serve and he wants people to remember the day that brought the country together as one. >> it's kind of one of those things where people start to forget and push it out in the news. they don't want us to talk about it.
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it was a tragic day in our history. >> reporter: so to pay respect to our local first responders, sabin collected donations and brought food and drinks in four northeast ohio towns. coming up at 5:00, hear from one of the firefighters about that act of kindness and hear from sabin about his creatiiing this display year after year. now your first alert forecast. >> we're going to pinpoint carol county. here we have a few showers tracking to the northeast. nothing too heavy with these. might get a few heavier pockets of rain. also here in columbiana county. we got a big cold front. that's going to put an end to all of this heat and humid that we've been seeing. you have to endure one more night and then one more day tomorrow with temperatures approaching 90. you could see tonight still
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oppressive. front comes through. look at sunday. wow. we're going to go from mid summer to a little taste of early fall weather here this second half of the weekend. just in time for week one of the nfl there on sunday. wow. unbelievable. all right. so we're basically dry. friday night football games i don't see any problems, in case you're wondering about that. i've got some rain in south of chicago there. and then some storms fire up in iowa. that's where the front it. severe risk area in play during the afternoon round that we're going to be seeing. might see some wind damage. certainly heavy rains. i would say heads up after 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. but for tonight, here is 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. mainly west of cleveland. we could see a wave of rain and thunder. pretty dry in the morning. big warmup. and then here comes the front.
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tomorrow. there's 8:00 p.m. showers and storms. this big front will trigger showers and storms during the afternoon. into the evening that rain will end. and a huge temperature swing by the time we get to sunday as you'll experience. waves around one foot out there on the lake this evening. pretty calm water. it's a light north wind. so we have the over night rain and storm threat. not before then. 72 the low in cleveland. akron-canton i actually kept you dr tomorrow humid, windy. look at those winds gusting over 30. we're going to be approaching 90. afternoon storms could be severe. wind damage would be the main severe weather threat with that. 73 at 7:00 a.m. 81 at noon. and then there you see the showers and storms. 88 at 5:00. it's not going to last. into the evening, the showers and storms will be with us.
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sunday 72 degrees. partly cloudy sky. just like that. monday sunny and 76. look at the low temperature early monday morning. 48. monday night we'll drop down to 55. tuesday 81. and then another front comes through later tuesday night. that's going to drop us. wednesday's high only 67. yep, the true summer weather is going bye bye. ramona. >> romona: thank you, jeff. trending who spends his time helping others. and kendall and kyrie jenner saved by firefighters. saved by firefighters. one fro donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist."
4:23 pm
"he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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. baby's midnight meltdown
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passenger. >> romona: and two reality stars stuck in an elevator and saved by a firefighter with local ties. but first this boy helps others. monday he was feeding the homeless and noticed a man who was wearing ripped shoes. so loron tunsdel took off his brand new air jordan 11s and gave them to the man. >> mark: wow. >> at first he was like, no, i can't take these. they're too expensive. i said take him because it's what god told me what to do i was like we just bought these shoes a day ago for him for school. and then i just realized that that's what god told him to do. i'm very proud. >> romona: oh, my. someone has already donated a brand new pair of shoes to loron. paying it forward. >> mark: how about that. good for him. >> romona: yes. >> mark: a lesson to be learned there. a picture of a man looking after a pregnant woman's fussy child is going wild on social media.
4:27 pm
get some rest. walking the aisle most of the flight. social media users have been quick to praise the man. many saying he restored their faith in humanity. >> romona: i'll say. the jenner sisters got stuck in an elevator. they were fretting for a while and then new york firefighters to the rescue. let's see. do you see that firefighter right there, ramona. >> romona: you mean the hand some one? >> mark: that's patrick bowman. a north olmsted native of all things. st. ignatius glad. tt >> romona: pretty good looking men. >> mark: got digits. all right. straight ahead here at 4:00. >> it's not talking about illegal immigration. it's not talking about syrian refugees flowing into a country. >> romona: a day after donald
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. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. friday night football. 6:00, 79. 82 in akron. it's going to be warm and humid. not quite as muggy as what it's been tonight. but warm enough. 75 cuyahoga falls at 8:00. and here is 10:00, 73. there at sea falls, 74 akron. and then midnight lookse not a bad evening out there. again, a little on the warm side. tomorrow we do have an alert day for two waves of storms. the first wave will come over night and then the second wave afternoon and evening. that's the wave that could be severe. and we're talking about the potential of wind damage here, hail and even the possibility of a tornado. so we're going to be really paying attention to the weather
4:32 pm
78 at 7:00. 10:00, 76 in the cleveland area. and, you know, we're going to stay in the low to mid 70s for temps along the lakeshore. muggy night. over night storms. hot and windy tomorrow. we're going to be up around 90 or at least close to it. that will be the last of the hot days for a while. an alert, though, for storms and then that huge temperature change by sunday. here is a look at the current numbers. 86 norwalk. 84 now and, oh, look at that, ashtabula 79. i'm going to have much more on the forecast details later on in the half-hour. guys, back to you. well, we told you we would continue to focus on the dangers of heroin addiction. and joining us now is mary jane tichester. she's the executive director of the center in cleveland. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> mark: thanks for coming in. let's talk about the picture that has been out there and floating around on social media. is this a kind of shock that we
4:33 pm
understand these are not just numbers on a board? skyrocketing numbers, by the way. but numbers on the board showing up out there? >> i think for some people it may help. but my concern is that the more that we hear about the accelerating death rate, that people are just going to be tuning it out and shutting it down and saying i can't deal with it. i don't real low know how to deal with it. and then begin ignoring it. that would be my concern. >> romona: now, what does your center do to help these parents? i think has had a drug problem or alcohol problem. and it's the children a lot of times who suffer. and i was talking about this on facebook. and some people are just saying they need to just go and get help. how simple is it to get the help? some say, no, it's tough. they have to decide that they need the help. >> you know, i think it's -- i think it's a two-sided issue. but for the most part, addiction for many of us we can see that being a very rational decision.
4:34 pm
i need to stop using for my children. but addiction is a disease of the brain. and so it really prevents you from making a number of those rational decisions. >> romona: even seeing that child sitting there by themselves, that would not make you go and get help? >> if i were the parents, it may or it may not. but often for most of the most success we have at the women's recovery center, there's a judge, there's a social worker, there's a probation and then we form a team around that mother. and so then using the social worker's probation officers, we can begin then putting together some processes and then we begin slowly to add additional members to that team, including family members, older children. so that we have -- by the point that she's discharged, she has a complete discharge plan, knows how to keep herself sober, knows that she can always come back
4:35 pm
>> mark: we're talking out there far and away heroin is the thing you're seeing the most there at the center. what is the answer for -- well, first of all, how long a wait before anybody can get in here? you're saying it's starting to get backed up. >> we're actually on a two to four week waiting period at this point. and then if you need detox facility, you could be waiting as long as six weeks or, believe it or not, with doesn't require a system. just go home and stop using. >> mark: seven to ten days to get away from the symptoms of the detox at that point? >> that's correct. >> mark: we could talk about this for a half-hour. we appreciate what you're doing there and for coming in and talking to us. mary jane, thank you very much for taking the time. >> thank you very much. >> romona: thank you. well, there is anger and concern around the world after north korea tested its most powerful nuclear weapon yet. the war head could be mounted on a ballistic missile.
4:36 pm
5.3 tremor. south korea, japan and the u.s. quickly condemned the test. the white house is calling it a grave threat to regional security. >> i think it's fair to say that china, russia, the united states, everybody has concerns. but we're trying still to monitor and to find out precisely what took place. >> romona: president obama was briefed on the test as he traveled home from his trip to asia. in a statement, united states does not and never will accept north korea as a nuclear state. presidential candidates continue to crisscross ohio in hopes of winning votes and in collecting the campaign donations necessary to win. in the past couple of days, the republican effort has concentrated on cleveland. reporter paul orlousky has the numbers. >> paul: i spoke briefly with donald trump before one of his fundraisers on thursday between two stops here in cleveland he raised about $3 million.
4:37 pm
>> great city. >> paul: we greeted eric trump bright and early and sat down for an in depth interview. he echoed many of the things his father hammered home. >> you have to fix jobs, rebuild the infrastructure in many of the schools and allow for school's choice >> paul: the school issue is one that donald trump unveiled here. a donald trump fundraiser a couple of hours hosted many of cleveland's top labor leaders, a group eric believes his father resonates want? they want jobs. when they see jobs fleeing out of the country, it doesn't help him. >> paul: a topic for everyone is wage stagnation. it will win younger voters over. >> people that enter the work force are making the same amount of money 15 years later 35 years old. that's not right. >> paul: eric trump has known
4:38 pm
>> he speaks from the mheart. he's willing to take on tough issues. >> paul: both eric trump and donald trump said we'll see a lot of them. ohio very important for winning the white house. getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> mark: when he left here, he left for the office to plan state-wide strategies. tony and i will talk about i man shumpert in ch timeout and talk about the browns and eagles. a four day work week sounds pretty sweet. not according to an ohio state professor. we'll explain. snack attack. how to stop it before it starts to enjoy the game on sunday. yeah, right. that's straight ahead. all right. 77 in and out of the city is looking a okay. i think we have a little friday flu here today. probably out of town by 3:00.
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own your home. take control of your retirement today! . welcome back. playing outside may be a thing from the past. kids are choosing netflix instead of the great outdoors. children are watching 1.8 hours of streaming devices a day. court says kids are
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of 4-7 minutes a day. that's 25 times more netflix than play. many employees love the thought of a four day work week. but is it bad for your health? a professor at the ohio state university says it forces people to do the same amount of work in less time. that can mean longer hours causing stress and fatigue. in the study he found that women working 12 hours day were three times as likely to suffer heart disease, cancer, arthritis or even diabetes. all right. now this. if you're sitting down and watching the game on nd part of the fun is snacking. but often we are watching tv where we're not concentrating on how much we're actually putting in our mouths. so dr. susan albers has a few tricks. start from sitting far away from the food. >> if you have to intentionally get up and walk over to it, it's going to significantly cut down on how much you eat. also, never eat right from the container or the chip bag. make sure you put it on a plate so you're aware of the portion sizes.
4:43 pm
miles for good, hot wings. miles. [ laughing ] >> mark: according to research, spectators consume between 1200 and 2,000 calories of snacking during a game. if you're eating chicken wings, keep the bones on the plate. count them. [ laughing ] >> mark: item like chicken bones and empty snag bags can serve of little visual cues of how many calories you're taking in. like the big stack of bones. that's always good. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. [ laughing ] ohio listening to mark nolan right now. >> romona: no. sorry. not going to do that. [ laughing ] >> romona: let's talk about stepa. you go down to the muni lot and everyone is eating broccoli. [ laughing ] >> romona: okay. >> tony: it's about an hour and 15 minutes away open to the public at the q. there were fans yesterday for
4:44 pm
gr great. ufc does it right. by doing it with cleveland, this is great for the city. the guy on the right -- i forgot his last name. i respect him so greatly that i forgot his last name. [ laughing ] >> tony: he's actually a good guy. if you go down there and yell at him, he'll take a selfie with you. >> romona: stepay let me >> tony: he's a friend show of he's a great guy. >> romona: he sure is. >> tony: a lot of the fighters were joking up and doing things and he was zeroed in on the stuff. >> romona: shumpert was one of my favorites but -- >> tony: he's not anymore? >> romona: well, if you're going to be smoking the rope -- [ laughing ] >> tony: if you smoke the ropes, you need the wings. so you have to hang out with
4:45 pm
>> tony: i know. our friend tried to deal him earlier in the summer before this happened. this happened on august 10th down in atlanta. and the cavs aren't going to comment. he's not commenting yet. there's no docourt date. the nba usually suspends a guy for the first couple of games. he may get hit with that. >> romona: he'll bounce back. i know it. okay. browns predictions. you know, i picked the browns to beat the eagles. [ laughing ] >> tony: i know.>> mind. why are you look -- >> tony: i love you. you're not alone. a lot of people think they'll go to philly. i don't think they'll win in philly. i don't think realistically they expect to win many games this year. they can't say that. but they're building for the future and developing together. no one wants to hear it because, let's face it, they're not lowering your ticket prices while they go through this plan. [ laughing ] >> tony: i think it's going to be a long year but developing year and that's the goal. >> romona: i'm going to go
4:46 pm
>> tony: i have nolan's predictions coming up at 6:00. >> romona: okay, mark. >> mark: you're going to want to see that. everyone loves starbucks, right? well, a lot of people do. and some animals too. this is twinsburg police dog yasso. well, he got a good little puppachino. available and free to all dogs. a cup full of whipped cream every pet can enjoy as long as it is vet approved. >> romona: he is enjoying it too. chris tanaka joins us. >> chris: yes. interesting stories coming up on this friday. we're focusing on 9/11. 15 year anniversary. can't believe it's been 15 years. a local man with an annual display. you saw it earlier. we're finding out at 5:00 what first responders are saying about this tribute. hey, we're now less than 60 days away, oh, my goodness, the election is coming fast. presidential candidates sharpening their verbal attacks.
4:47 pm
security this week. live in dc. hillary, the donald, both coming under fire for their stances. and a new national survey on the most segregated cities in america, you may be shocked where cleveland lands on the list. denise and i hope to see you coming up at 5:00. >> mark: very now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers
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. happy friday, guys. jeff. >> jeff: i don't know. i thought i would start here. why not. [ laughing ] >> jeff: all right. i have to do the -- [ laughing ] >> romona: it's friday. >> jeff: it's pretty cool how we do that. magic. are we going to go to the feazel roof camera here first or -- we got -- do you know what, we're
4:51 pm
now it just disappeared again. [ laughing ] >> romona: that's what you get. >> mark: uh-huh. >> jeff: nice shot of the lake out there. partly cloudy sky. and for most of us -- actually i think for all of us, going to be dry for friday night football. all right. back on me. here we go. 89 tomorrow. now, heads up. early morning i think we're going to see rain and storms. those are not expected to be severe. but the afternoon round we could see some severe weather. so i would say between 2:00 and 8:00. windy, hot day. into saturday evening, those storms will last. and then the storm threat ends. huge change on sunday. 72, partly cloudy. and upper 40s for the low sunday night. how about that? what a day on monday. very bright, sunny. 76. tuesday sunny to partly cloudy. 81. we have another front that comes through tuesday night that could have a little rain with it and
4:52 pm
wednesday. 67. thursday 70. friday 76. so after tomorrow's rain, most of next week is actually looking dry and not hot. the school kids will like that. mark, over to you. >> mark: all right, jeff, thank you. finally ahead at 4:00. >> romona: so over it. this photo is going viral and we have the story behind it. were the teenagers really that
4:53 pm
. it's time for a little
4:54 pm
>> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: it is friday. >> romona: yes. >> mark: according to petsmart, what percentage of pet owners have actually tasted their pet's food. >> romona: 20%. >> mark: you're close. 24%. i'm going to give it to you.
4:55 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. . finally at 4:00 going viral.
4:56 pm
calling it bored millennials. check it out. it's a candid shot of these teens at the fair. she's into her phone. he's sulking. it went on reddit after several meems. >> romona: jake said it's not as it appears. he said rather he was sad because he didn't have anymore cash to buy dip in dots. it turns out these two aren't even a couple. jake used to date chloe but now they're b ask for dip in dots, though. chloe was texting a photo to a friend who was riding in front of them. >> mark: you can't get stuck on the ride with your ex. >> romona: it's good they explained that photo. >> mark: they have to. i feel bad for them. especially if you can't get the dip in dots. >> romona: yes. coming up at 5:00. >> the kids would call me chubby, so i took the chubby and
4:57 pm
is talking about her new fashion line and success grew out of a struggle with bullies. that's ahead.
4:58 pm
introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in ur asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: imam shumpert arrested for dui. police say he was under the influence of marijuana and police found a jar of pot inside his car. but first, the heroin epidemic nik northeast ohio. >> denise: a local school district trying to be pro-active. it is getting out in front of that growing crisis. catherine bosley getting answers
5:00 pm
>> denise, this is very interesting. of course this is not something you want to think about. school-aged kids being affected by the heroin epidemic. with that, the school district here, elyria school district is hitting it head on with an intense video something they felt they had to do. >> we have a heroin and opiate epidemic. >> reporter: even those who made the documentary are affected by it and the superintendent. >> it is something that can't be put on the shelf and thought about next week or the week after because each and every minute that you delay, you are losing somebody. >> reporter: exactly why the district decided to take on the project taking six months to put together heroin, your first time could be your last. 15 minutes of firsthand accounts of the danger of the killer drug from the likes of a parent who lost a child to an overdose and hospital workers who have seen the worst of it and law


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